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Just in!! The Rallye Magazine Chevette on the '81 MWAC/NARRA Chisum Trail with John Power and Earl Hammond aboard.  Worse, I think I was service crew for the team that year.

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Jr & Sr posing with the Colt scheduled to run the 2002 Rim of the World Rally.

The P-Class Colt (shot by Oran?) that turned into the solo car seen below.

The "new" Colt's engine bay. 

The "new" Colt's driver amenities. 

The "new" Colt's shotgun seat. 

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The part of Harvey Colts most often seen in the old days!

The "Cheetah"

It just needs an engine and some TLC.

Junior has this thing for the ass end of cars ... :-)

Here's the engine that used to be in the Cheetah..

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The class-winning Porsche 912 driven by Sr.

in last year's La Carrera Pan Americana.


REALLY has a thing for the ass end of cars ...

Former P-Class Rally Car

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 Audi by Oran

Kelmark by Oran

Eric Ford/Mark Long

by Oran

Dick Turner Ford EXP

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Grimshaw snakes in.

Buffum & Millen?

Escort by Oran


Cheetah by Oran

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Porsche by Oran

Porsche by Oran

EXP by Oran

RX7 by Oran


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Millen by Oran

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Jim Walker/Terry Palmer Volvo 142 (Image01.jpg)

Pacesetter 240 Z from Rochester, NY (Image02.jpg)

J. Robert's Pacesetter 240 Z (Image03.jpg)

510 (Image04.jpg)

Buffum's Escort (Image05.jpg)

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Image08.jpg (86493 bytes)

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Image010.jpg (95938 bytes)

510  (Image06.jpg)

Pacesetter 240 Z (Image07.jpg)

Bill Dodd Capri (Image08.jpg)

510  (Image09.jpg) 

Bill Dodd Capri (Image010.jpg)

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Image015.jpg (77661 bytes)

Image016.jpg (72985 bytes)

Polski Fiat Three Car Factory team at 73 POR  (Image011.jpg)

John Chalmers/Bill Potvin 510 (Image013.jpg)

Polski Fiat (Imag014.jpg)

510  (Image015.jpg) 


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Image018.jpg (78996 bytes)

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Image021.jpg (62075 bytes)

510  (Image017.jpg)

510  (Image018.jpg)

Bob Hourihan 510  (Image019.jpg)



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Image025.jpg (52811 bytes)

Image026.jpg (60664 bytes)


Polski Fiat (Imag023.jpg)




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Image1.jpg (144695 bytes)

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Image3.jpg (94611 bytes)

Chalmers/Potvin 510 (Image027.jpg)


Buffum's Escort (Image1.jpg)

Buffum's Escort (Image2.jpg)


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Image7.jpg (108786 bytes)

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Image15.jpg (86314 bytes)

510  (Image4.jpg)

Harry ward looking over Buffum's Escort. Is that Salty in bellbottoms? (Image7.jpg)

Roger and Margot Turpening's scoring RV and (possibly) Harvey's first Colt. (Image10.jpg)

DART Performance Subaru DL (Joe LeBeau & Jim Doidge?) (Image11.jpg)

Pacesetter 240 Z (Image15.jpg)

Image16.jpg (65701 bytes)

image17.jpg (168317 bytes)

Image17a.jpg (90620 bytes)

Image18.jpg (93421 bytes)

Image21.jpg (93561 bytes)

Chalmers/Potvin 510 (Image16.jpg)

Bell Isle SS @73 POR (Image17.jpg)

Pacesetter 240 Z (Image17a.jpg)

510  (Image18.jpg)

Walker/Palmer Volvo 142 (Image21.jpg)

Image22.jpg (68386 bytes)

Image23.jpg (71102 bytes)

Image24.jpg (66191 bytes)

Image25.jpg (58809 bytes)

Image26.jpg (54206 bytes)

 Earhardt Dahm, Jeep pilot. (Image22.jpg)

Bob Hourihan 510  (Image23.jpg)

Polski Fiat (Imag24.jpg)

Opel Kadette Rallye (Imag25.jpg)

Walter Boyce/Doug Woods Toyota (Image26.jpg)

Image27.jpg (59753 bytes)

Image28.jpg (72223 bytes)

Image30.jpg (81467 bytes)

Image31.jpg (116781 bytes)

Image32.jpg (96390 bytes)

510 (Image27.jpg)

510 (Image28.jpg)

Opel Kadette Rallye (Imag30.jpg)

Hourihan on Belle Isle (Image31.jpg)

510 (Image32.jpg)

Image33.jpg (99806 bytes)

Image34.jpg (80435 bytes)

Image35.jpg (77820 bytes)

Image36.jpg (92675 bytes)

Image37.jpg (101985 bytes)

Bill Dodd Capri (Image33.jpg)

Lancias @ 74 Rideau Lakes (Image34.jpg)

Lancia Beta @ 74 Rideau Lakes (Image34.jpg)

Walker's Volvo w/Palmer standing (Image36.jpg)

Boyce/Woods Toyota (Image37.jpg)

Image38.jpg (95661 bytes)

Image39.jpg (73301 bytes)

Image40.jpg (54228 bytes)

Image43.jpg (57375 bytes)

Image45.jpg (79715 bytes)

Lancia Stratos @ 74 Rideau Lakes (Image38.jpg)

Doug Woods & Walter Boyce obviously pleased with themselves! (Image39.jpg)

Check out the wooden steering wheel (Image40.jpg)

SAAB!  (Image43.jpg)

Jean Calvin at a Total station just before going to the 68 POR stage, Conners Flat, the first Special Stage in the US. (Image45.jpg)

Image44.jpg (80307 bytes)

Image47.jpg (48643 bytes)

Image48.jpg (89493 bytes)

Image49.jpg (79061 bytes)

Image50.jpg (104988 bytes)

Clipboard mounted Halda in a 510 (Image44.jpg)

Eric Jones British Auto Service 510 @ Rideau (Image44.jpg)

Lancias @ 74 Rideau Lakes (Image48.jpg)

Sideways Stratos @ Rideau (Image49.jpg)

SWEET Stratos @ Rideau Lakes (Image50.jpg)

Image51.jpg (80726 bytes)

Image52.jpg (83266 bytes)

Image53.jpg (72836 bytes)

Image54.jpg (72485 bytes)

Image56.jpg (66932 bytes)

Lancia on transit @ Rideau (Image51.jpg)

Stratos on transit @ Rideau (Image51.jpg)

Flying Fish Escort on transit (Image53.jpg)


Woods/Boyce STILL pleased with themselves! (Image55.jpg)

Image57.jpg (81964 bytes)

Image58.jpg (70586 bytes)

Image59.jpg (49052 bytes)

Image60.jpg (62991 bytes)

Image61.jpg (72077 bytes)

Eric Jones on Rideau transit (Image57.jpg)

Kiwi Corolla @ Rideau (Image58.jpg)

510 (Image59.jpg)

Zed (Image60.jpg)

Pacesetter 240 Z (Image61.jpg)

Image62.jpg (54512 bytes)

Image63.jpg (73775 bytes)

Image64.jpg (68101 bytes)

Image65.jpg (85703 bytes)

Image66.jpg (67812 bytes)

John & Carol Smiskol 260 Z (Image62.jpg)


John & Carol Smiskol 260 Z (Image64.jpg)

510 (Image65.jpg)


Image67.jpg (52351 bytes)

Image68.jpg (57474 bytes)

Image70.jpg (73883 bytes)

Image71.jpg (61275 bytes)

Image72.jpg (69670 bytes)

John & Carol Smiskol 260 Z (Image67.jpg)

John & Carol Smiskol 260 Z (Image68.jpg)

John & Carol Smiskol 260 Z (Image70.jpg)

John & Carol Smiskol 260 Z (Image71.jpg)

Ontario roadside service (Image72.jpg)

Image73.jpg (64700 bytes)

Image74.jpg (63125 bytes)

Image75.jpg (65138 bytes)

Image76.jpg (68820 bytes)

Image77.jpg (72242 bytes)

Renault Alpine (Image73.jpg)

John & Carol Smiskol 260 Z (Image74.jpg)

OH CANADA! (Image75.jpg)

Lancia Beta  (Image76.jpg)

Walker's Volvo  (Image77.jpg)

Image78.jpg (63167 bytes)

Image79.jpg (70792 bytes)

Image80.jpg (71005 bytes)

Image81.jpg (72621 bytes)

Image82.jpg (121069 bytes)

Sobaslaw Zasada's Porsche Carrera (Image78.jpg)

Works Fiat 124 Sport  (Image79.jpg)

Lancia Stratos  (Image80.jpg)

Zasada Porsche (Image81.jpg)

Hairy Canary? (Image82.jpg)

Image83.jpg (64358 bytes)

Image84.jpg (114747 bytes)

Image85.jpg (86325 bytes)

Image86.jpg (74567 bytes)

Image87.jpg (49757 bytes)

Renault Alpine (Image83.jpg)

Rich Carrol/Chuck Brooke POR Barracuda (Image84.jpg)

Smiskol's POR 510 before Gardam owned it (Image85.jpg)

"Smith Clayton Renault" (Image85.jpg)

 Barracuda (Image87.jpg)

Image88.jpg (65633 bytes)

Image89.jpg (73758 bytes)

Image90.jpg (74547 bytes)

Image91.jpg (86814 bytes)

Image92.jpg (73280 bytes)

Boyce Celica (Image88.jpg)

Earhardt Dahm BMW 2002? (Image89.jpg)

John & Carol Smiskol 260 Z (Image90.jpg)

Lineup @ 1974 Rideau Lakes (Image91.jpg)

Works Fiat 124 Sport  (Image92.jpg)

Image93.jpg (75426 bytes)

Image94.jpg (69781 bytes)

Image95.jpg (64795 bytes)

Image96.jpg (73514 bytes)

Image97.jpg (89785 bytes)

Zasada Porsche Carrera (Image93.jpg)

Renault Alpine (Image94.jpg)

In Smith Falls @ Rideau Lakes (Image95.jpg)

Zasada Porsche Carrera (Image96.jpg)

Lancia Beta  (Image97.jpg)

Image98.jpg (76884 bytes)

Image99.jpg (80767 bytes)

Image100.jpg (57173 bytes)

Image101.jpg (71551 bytes)

Image102.jpg (54394 bytes)

Pregliasco/Garzoglio Lancia Beta  (Image98.jpg)

THREE Works Fiat 124 Sports!!!  (Image99.jpg)

Boyce Celica (Image100.jpg)

Boyce Celica (Image101.jpg)

Flying Fish Escort on stage (Image012.jpg)

Image103.jpg (69761 bytes)

Image104.jpg (83253 bytes)

Image105.jpg (69713 bytes)

Image111.jpg (78343 bytes)

Image110.jpg (81442 bytes)

Smiskol 260 Z (Image103.jpg)

Walker Volvo (Image104.jpg)

Walker Volvo (Image105.jpg)

Boyce/Woods 73 POR Toyota (Image111.jpg)

Boyce/Woods 73 POR Toyota (Image110.jpg)

Image107.jpg (60663 bytes)

Image108.jpg (84205 bytes)

Image113.jpg (89162 bytes)

Image109.jpg (97095 bytes)

Image106.jpg (78511 bytes)

Boyce/Woods 73 POR Toyota (Image107.jpg)

Boyce/Woods 73 POR Toyota (Image108.jpg)

Boyce/Woods 73 POR Toyota (Image113.jpg)

Boyce/Woods 73 POR Toyota (Image109.jpg)

Boyce/Woods 73 POR Toyota (Image106.jpg)

Something a little more recent ...

blackSaab.jpg (215849 bytes)

skip1.jpg (344348 bytes)

Joneswoods.jpg (240522 bytes)

MGBGTcontrol.jpg (153361 bytes)




Eric Jones MGB @ POR TSD (Joneswoods.jpg)

Phil Smith (MGBGTcontrol.jpg) 

quattro.jpg (263307 bytes)

SaabPhillips.jpg (308027 bytes)

MGBGTwoods.jpg (169900 bytes)

SaabPhillips2.jpg (210564 bytes)