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   First time out a finish, a Seed win and a point in the 1977 National Championship!

   What form!!!!

  Early March, 1978.  The Rally in the 100 Acre Wood out of Rolla, Missuori.

  Second event, freezing weather, no heater and no finish thanks to a Saab in a snowbank.

  Another Chillicothe weekend - sporting a paint scheme supplied by KC HiLites, Inc.

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A little more sideways than in 1977, at least.

Nothing but straights in Ohio, you know?

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THE best picture anyone ever caught of that Vega. We were almost through the 1979 NARRA Chisum Trail Rally which started in Paris, Texas but ran mostly on Weyerhauser Forest logging roads near Broken Bow, Oklahoma. If memory serves, this was a third gear, downhill left sweeper.  We were well over 70mph!.   Notice how the air spilling over the roof is cutting a huge swath through the dust beside the driver's door.

This picture, by the way, was featured in a Name That Driver, Navvie, Car & Event contest on Congratulations to Will MacDonald from Minnesota for the win!!!